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Omid Khazar Golestan Support and Engineering Services Company, with registration number 479312, provides engineering services and support services to private and public companies and organizations.
This company is at your service with experienced and long experience in the above services.
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We want to grow and develop in order to become one of the top companies in the Middle East with a global reputation, relying on domestic power and modern technologies. We are also seeking to develop organizational capabilities and benefit from sincere and diligent managers and employees, provide the best service in Iran and other countries.

Investing in order to create the highest long-term value added for stakeholders and sustainable development with the priority of promoting a culture of safety and business ethics so that all employees choose ethical choices and comply with their obligations, take responsibility for their actions, and do the best they can. To partners, customers and stakeholders through commitment, trust and honesty. Also, active participation in environmental protection and efforts to positively affect society and the environment through socialization, active participation, sustainability and effectiveness

Organizational values

  • Respect for all current laws and regulations in the country and respect for the social and ethical principles of society
  • Adhere to all work values ​​to promote professional ethics in the organization
  • Maintaining human dignity of employees, shareholders and customers
  • Maintain and upgrade shareholder assets
  • Attention to social responsibilities and participation in improving the country infrastructure


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